Trying to update the [Deleted] firmware


I have a WD TV Live streaming and it is telling me I have a firmware update.  Everytime I try, it gets to about 90% then errors out saying it failed to download.  I have tried this many times using both wireless as well as a wired network.  My latest attempt was trying to use a USB stick to update the firmware.  Jumped through every hoop I can based on all the posts I have read here but I have had NO success in updating this device.

Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong here or what the issue is?  The device is currently at version 1.09.10.  


Try doing a full factory reset first and then see if it will upgrade.

so download from a pc and use a thumbdrive to update


Thanks for the repsonses…

I have done both a factory reset as well as trying to update via a thumbdrive.  No joy.