WD Live Media Player Wont Update Firmware - Now Useless

I have the WD Live Media Player (not plus) and now cannot restore it with the firmware needed to let it work. I was prompted to update and I did so like all the other updates. After the device restarted and the WD Media Player Logo came up, it froze on that image. I knew it was in the middle of the update so I didn’t want to have to turn off the media player while in that state. I waited around an hour and it never changed. So I had to pull the power of the media player. When it rebooted, it stated to place a usb drive with the firmware on it into the media player. I did this with My Book external drive. But everytime I load it and plug it into the media player, nothing ever happens. It just stays on the screen informing to plugin a usb drive with the firmware on it. So what do I do? My player is now useless just from doing the routine firmware update. I checked the RMA page and it tells me that my warranty ended a while back. If anyone has any info, it would be appreciated. Thanks.


Are you putting actual _ rollback _ files on the USB device?


Yes. Download it, extract the files to the hard drive. No go

Try a flash disk.

Put ONLY those files on the flash disk.

Turn off the power, plug in the drive, then plug the power back in.

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And you are power-cycling it with the rollback files attached when you see the “Corrupt Firmware” warning screen?


Exactly what I have done is this. Unplug the media player, plug up the usb drive with the firmware files, power on the media player, and this is where I still get the screen that just states " Plugin USB device with firmware files". It just stays on that screen. I have also, powered on the media player, then connected the usb hard drive with firmware, and the screen stays on the “Plugin USB device with firmware files”

I will need to get a flash drive to try that method.

I have a question though I thought of. My external hard drive My Book has a unlock feature that I have to unlock it each time to access it. I had unlocked before on the media player before it messed up but maybe it needs to be unlocked before I load it? Only problem is I don’t know how to set where its not locked because it came preset like that.

Thanks again.


Yes, if the drive is password-protected, that’s almost certainly why it’s not working for you in this instance.

I believe if you use the Smartware application on the PC you should easily be able to remove the password.  You can always add it back later.  http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3741/

Or you could go the thumb drive route.

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Wow. Yeah that was it. Since it was locked the security was blocking the player from reading it.

I appreciate the help. I ended up rolling back to the previous firmware since the new one was what locked my player up in the first place. Was about to have to buy a whole new one since my 2 year warranty was up.

Thanks again.