Wd tv live device can not connect to the network

Sorry it took so long to respond-having some other issues here.
I managed to take the external drive-also WD- to Best Buy to have it checked out-evidently it’s dead, cuz they couldn’t get it to respond either, so seems like the WDtv’s are probably okay-now I just need to get a new external drive.

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Carol, thanks for getting back for the rest of the story. Well, this whole thing kind of makes sense, as the WDTV had, and detected, a drive attached, but also detected the drive was not working, so it looked to the network, and since that was not connected, it gave the error message you were getting.

Well, good luck with the new drive and all.
Take care.

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So, is there are reset button on the external drives-online at WD said something about that, but I don’t see anywhere on the drive that it could be.

What is exact model/name of drive and model number, and I will look it up at WD Support. for you. Have you connected the drive directly to your computer to see if there are any error messages or if it can be read? It likely has a power supply, so plug that in to drive as well. If drive has a power on switch, turn that on as well.

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The light comes on, but isn’t recognized.

“The light comes on, but isn’t recognized.”

Recognized by WHAT; the WDTV, a computer, both?

Having trouble finding info at WD about your drive. It must be a fairly older one. Is this what it looks like:

BTW, are you in US, and therefore this is a US version of the drive?

Yes, I am in US and that is what it looks like

I have asked my question again, above.

I’m sorry-the tv nor the computer recognizes the drive.

Apparently the drive, its USB cable or its power supply is bad. Instead of taking it to BestBuy again, take it to a real computer repair shop along with its power supply and USB cables you use with it. The shop can tell you if you have a bad drive (or parts) and can either help you get it going again if possible or declare ti bad. If it can get going, use it, or, better yet get a new drive and copy the contents over to the new drive if possible after working with the repair shop. Good luck with this.

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Thank you for all your help!!

You’re welcome, and please report back on what you learn from a computer repair shop and what you finally decide to do.