The device could not connect to the network

I’m new to the forum and recently purchased a second unit, this one with the Live Plus version for sharing my stored movies on external/internal HD’s .  Only just had the time to research various fixes for message “The device could not connect to the network”.

The strange thing is that I can see the device from my two networked computers (XP) but I can not get the unit to see the network and yet it gives the same message upon system boot up every time. It connects to the inet properly (all the UTube and other options seem to connect OK)

I have already verified that all are on the same network group (originally changed WORKGROUP to MSHOME on my setup) and changed the Network DDE and Network DDE DSDM to automatic as many discussions indicated.  I’m able to ping the device with no data loss as well.

I’m using a CAT5 hardwire connection to a D-Link WBR-2310 router (firmware 1.02) and is about 5 years old now.

When I first connected the unit to inet I let it automatically update software to 1.04.18_B and don’t know what the original version was.  Perhaps before letting the system do this, I should have waited.  Today when I resumed my research and connecting, it now indicates that a newer version is available 1.04.22_B.  I’m holding off for now pending discovery on the problem of being able to see my shared files on either computer.

Has there been anyone out there that has experienced a similar problem in only seeing information one way to the WDTV device and not been able to see shared files?

I hope I’ve provided enough information, but please ask in case I’ve left important info out in error.


I see that you changed the WORKGROUP name, which is correct, but did you also assign a new NAME?

The Default is WDTVLIVE.    If you didn’t change it, you have two devices using the same name, and that will cause issues.

My apologies, I must have left the impression that my first unit was also connected to the network.  It is an older version of the WDTV without network capability (I’m just using it with USB drive connection to box), so I only have the new one to contend with to the network, and yes, I left the unit default name as it came out of the box (WDTVLIVE).

One thing I should have added on my original description of attempted diagnostics was that I searched for Windows Live ID Assistant on my computer and found that it was not installed, so that can be eliminated from the list of checks to do.

Once the WDTV is powered up and before I receive the firmware update notification, if I quickly attempt to connect to the Network Share option, I can only get the error message noted on subject line above once.  Subsequent attempts to access Network Share after the firmware message does not give me a second error message, simply nothing happens.

Another solution I understand has to do with the advanced properties of the shared folders.  I am running XP on both computers and can not see any further options once the sharing is set up other than display name and allowing others to modify folders.  I have ensured that all shared folders have the correct properties set up.  Perhaps this fix is for Win 7 which I know nothing about, so am I missing something about these properties on XP?

I also have a XP notebook on my MSHOME group which I just verified that it sees the WDTVLIVE connection and I can also access the plugged in USB drive to it and play through the wi-fi connection I have.  There seems to be no issues on stuttering, all seems to work perfectly.

Puzzling for sure since I can play back to the networked computers but not see the network from WDTV side.  I was even able to play 2 movies at once without any visable degregation (I never tried a 3rd one as I was using the computer to set up this reply).

I’m considering attempting a restructure of my home network (including nenaming and resetting the shared folders) but I have a lot of other perifials connected to my router (Wii gamer, 2 Blackberry’s, 2 XP desktops, 1 XP notebook) but I don’t seriously think that is the issue and don’t want to put myself in the position to do all that work for nothing.

I can’t think of anything else to provide right now, so I’m hoping there is a solution out there!

OK, found the issue finally. 

My Shaw secure firewall (powered by F-Secure) on both desktop computers was preventing communication from WD LIVE to the network even though I could see the WD from the computers.  The original firewall settings were to allow Office, Printer/File Sharing properties which is what I would assume should be but changing it to allow all traffic enables WD LIVE to see network.

The downfall is that once I allow all traffic, it leaves me exposed to threats if I have inet connection on.  This is not an issue when I turn my modem off which then leaves me with an intranet connection and file sharing is safe (my router - wireless enabled - is set with WEP encryption).  I’m sure that this is even susceptable to threats for piercing but thats a different subject.

I should be able to create a customized firewall that allows me to leave modem on and have the 2way sharing intact.

I will endure to research further to fnd final acceptable solution, but is there anyone out there with F-Secure firewall suggestions?


SUCCESS!  Hopefully this will be the last item of mention from me on this specific issue.

I ended up creating a special rule within firewall properties that allowed all IP traffic (illustrated as 2 way on software) with a specific name label as WDTV LIVE that gets logged in case of any issues it creates (I might remove this logging if I do not see any issues down the road).  Nothing else for options.

It appears that I am able to have inet connection on (without warnings of protection turned off) and have sharing capabilities between all desktop computers/notebooks and WDTV.

I would like to expand my storage capacity and add a WD My Book Live or WD My Book World (Ethernet connect) and will take my question(s) to that forum.