WD TV Live constantly reset if connected to network

My WD Live started constantly rebooting today if I try to connect it to my network.  I see the issue about people trying to connect to youtube, but I have never tried to sign into youtube.  Mine just resets whenever I connect it to the network, wired or wireless, I have done both a factory reset from the menu and the reset button.  Tried to re-set the network up from scratch again, but it still doesn’t work.  I am running the latest firmware (not the one that was bricking devices).  Any ideas?

That is weird.  Does it run fine as long as you dont connect it to your network?  What if you attach a drive to the unit does it play?

Sounds like an issue with the unit if it just started all of a sudden.  Can you get it replaced?

I went ahead and did an advanced RMA, received the new unit tonight.  All is working.

Will the new unit stay connected to the media shares on your network, or does it disconnect every 5 minutes, as has been reported here numerous times?

So far so good.  It seems to stay connected.  Used it for a couple hours today with no issues.