WD TV Live problems! HELP!


Hope someone can help me. I have a few problems with my WD TV live media player. I have been using this media player all year long but the problems have only started in the last month or so.

My media player keeps crashing/resetting during a movie. This has happened several times when I will be watching a film and the box just resets. No indication as to why.

My media player doesn’t respond to the remote. Once I am able to open a video, I can only use the remote once, and then the media player will not respond to any other commands from the remote. Very annoying.

My media player takes forever to load. When i first purchased the WD, it was awesome, I would click on a video and it would open up straight away. Now when i click on a video it will think for about 2-4mins before starting.

My media player will not update. I have tried to connect to my home network to perform a firmware upgrade but cannot connect to the network, and i have also followed the online instructions to upgrade via USB. Which doesn’t work either.

If anyone can help me with this, it will be very much appreciated, because I am about to throw this stupid box out the window. If no one can help, i will be complaining to WD and requesting they replace my media player.

Hope to get some help because this really [Deleted].


Dude, I’d dare to say there are way too many wrong things with your media player and I’d think about replacing if I were you…

hi there

try this : 

  • press small hole to reset to defaults

  • unplugg and plug again

  • network : wire or wireless ?

  • if wire : check cables/change for a while rj45 places/ports

  • if wireless : check if available at all [wap/wpa2/key codes ?] 

  • check on screen on your TV Set network “connection” status