WD TV live and WD TV live HUB Issue

I have an ongoing issue which appears to affect both of these machines.

First a little background.  I currenly have all of my blurays on a synology ds1513+ which simply shares the media out through SMB.  The .mkv files are essentially remux’s of blurays.  

Both of the WD devices (3rd gen Live, not sure of the HUB) will start playing the movies fine, but will eventually degrade to stuttering video at which point the movie will freeze, forcing a hard reboot.  It seems to me that sometimes i am able to catch the WD device before it locks up (if i were to back out of the movie after only watching a bit of it) which results in incredibly sluggish behavior (1+ minute to respond to button pressess on the remote, selecting things in the menu, etc.)

This has happened since day one.  The video files are normal and I can watch them on laptops/desktops just fine.  I have also tried playing the files from different locations (USB hard drive, shares from other computer drives, etc) and the same thing happens.  This issue happens both in the media library and the shared device.

Are there known issues/fixes for high bitrate media through Nas devices?  Or has anyone else experienced this issue?  



I’ve never had this problem either via USB nor my QNAP or WD NASes.

All of my Blu-rays are, like yours, just muxed into MKV without re-compression, so they’re anywhere from 25 to 45 GB in size.

Is there a chance your WDTV is too hot?

The do feel quite warm, but never overly hot.  one is located in an open media cabinet, and the other is on a dresser.   I have changed every setting i can think of in the synology and this is all running through a 16 port gigabit linksys switch. 

the strange thing is that it seems to happen during a movie, then i’ll reset it.  Then it will usually (80% of the time) be fine for the rest of the day.   Also, the bitrate doesn’t seem to be the deciding factor,  Small remuxes experience the same thing as super high bit rate ones (50GB+)

I’m really at a loss.   Do you recall making any special changes on your NAS?  I just set up a user and gave it rights.


Test the bitrate of the files. WDTV can only go up 50 MegaBits per second.  For BluRays, I use AnyDVD and copy movie then look at the playlist files using BDInfo, then use TSMuxer (GUI) to output a .ts file. This file is usually around 20 to 35 Mbits per second and my WDTV has no problems with it. When I tried re-encoding BluRays with Handbrake is was a gamble if the file would first look good, then if it would be below 50Mbits. So I just use the same encoded file that the movie industry encoded for us and remove unwanted peices with TSMuxer. - Yes the file is big, but I can copy and play blurays on my WDTV very fast this way. Hard drives are so cheap these days too, so it doesn’t pay to waste all of that time and energy to re-encode a movie that will take days to finish. For DVDs, I’m now using the Intel QSV setting in Handbrake to encode movies perfectly in about 4 to 10 minutes. - Far cry from encoding over many hours or even days. 

I would be inclined the keep the bitrate under 40 Mbits … cus that’s what the user manual recommends

I’m pretty sure that when you encode to the supported profiles with Handbrake, you’ll always be far below 40 mbit, right?