Media playback issues on NAS

I recently bought a QNAP 459Pro NAS where I store all my media. About 4-5 minutes into any movie (mkv and avi), either the movie freeze or pauses and goes back into the Video Menu. However, when the movie is played from the WDTVliveHub local storage the movie plays without any issues.

The NAS and WDTVliveHub is connected on a 1GBps switch and both of the devices do not drop any packets when the movie freezes.

The issue occurs on both 2.07.17 and 2.06.10 firmware versions. 

Has anyone here overcome this issue?

Interesting.  I don’t know if anyone has solved it, because no one has reported that specifically with a QNAP.

I have two QNAPs and I’ve never seen that happen.  

Are you accessing the movies via SAMBA (like me) or via a media server iPkg?

I am using SAMBA share.

Made some progress. When I revered firmware back to 2.04.13 the problem goes away. I will undate the firmware back to 2.07.17 and see if the issue comes back.

I am unable to recreate the issue after reapplying 2.07.17 from 2.04.13.