Good morning, I have the HD WD Green 3TB internal NTFS for PC and would like to use them with my WD TV LIVE 3rd generation (WDBGXT0000NBK).

I tried many docking self powered by SATA HD but are not recognized by the WD TV LIVE. What brand / type / company should I use?

If I connect the external HD pre-assembled are recognized, what changes from docking or the closures for HD?

Depends on the size? Or from the file system?

Thanks in advance for your response. :cry:

Hello YakumoFujii, welcome to the WD Community. External USB enclosures are not supported for WD internal drives, there are several brands each one with their own list of supported drives capacity and formats. Let’s see if any of the other users can share some advice. 

I have succesfully used a NexStar HX case with a Seage 3Tb drive with no issues for quite some time.  

Found when I first got the 3Tb drive my older NexStar CX cases refused to work (but worked fine with 2Tb drives).

You can partition as GPT and format NTFS using Control Panel/Computer Management.

I’m using an Orico Enclosure with a 4TB HDD (GPT Partitioned / NTFS Format) which works fine on all my WDTV’s