Need List of external drive enclosure kits that actually WORK *GASP*

upon reading other reads in this forum, it seem WD has zero interest in adding better support for users who want to simply throw a 3.5" hdd into an enclosure kit and plug it into the WDTV… despite the fact that this is something that users actually want to have the option of doing, but i digress.

seeing how we won’t be getting any more firmware updates, i figure it could be beneficial to get a thread going of anyone who’s going through the above route and just listing off what kind of enclosure kit they’re using that works, or doesn’t work, on the device.  the Knowledge Base answer means nothing to me since all it is is a listing of *Surprise Surprise* a bunch of WD-branded USB storage solutions.

I personally USED TO have a StarTech 2-drive dock, coupled with a 1TB WD hdd  that worked on the WDTV (SATA-to-USB).  long story short, i have an older sibling who took the drive/dock with him when he moved out, and i needed to find an alternative.  this leads me to enclosures that don’t work:

  • ACOMDATA Samba PATA/SATA-to-USB combo drive enclosure kit 

  • VANTEC Nexstar CX SATA-to-USB (bought today as i’m posting this)

at least with the ACOMDATA, i was able to do a System Reset of the WDTV which allowed it to recognize the drive upon reboot… can’t even do that with this Vantec i just picked up.

on an unrelated, but similar, note… isn’t a class-action lawsuit being filed against Sony for removing a FEATURE of one of their little products (i’m guessing some of you might know the Playstation 3)?

in our case, the WDTV is half-assing one of the features that make the WDTV so enticing to begin with:  adding YOUR OWN USB Storage… you know… the thing that’s stated on the box when you pick it up from the store, or see a description of it from a website.

inb4 tl;dr, but this isn’t the only forum that people are posting this issue about lack of support for alternative usb storage solutions other than a WD-branded usb drive.

returned the Vantec, and picked up:

  • Antec MX-100 (SATA-to-USB)

not working.

i can’t be the only one here trying to use a 3.5" HDD enclosure kit =\

picking up a Startech from amazon with only 1 hdd dock this time.  for the love of all things good in the world i hope it works seeing as the 2 hdd dock version worked.

I have a Hotway Probox 4 Drive Enclosure… It works with just 1 HDD installed, but if i install anymore, it wont recognise the others… And this is super frustrating,

Yet I know people that this enclosure seems to work fine with, I am at a loss why I have this problem.

Can we resurrect this topic and get some more responses to it, please?

A list of enclosures, docks and OEM drives that people have found to work with the WDTVHD seems like a very reasonable thing to compile.

I’m looking for a new drive to expand my storage, and I must say with previous drives I’ve only had a %50 or LOWER success rate on compatibility. I didn’t even realize that the enclosure itself could be the problem (how is that even possible??)

I hate to go to brick and mortar stores knowing full well that whatever I purchase, I may have to drive back immediately to return - and I’d rather buy such things online to begin with since HDDs etc are almost always cheaper online.

I’ll put in my drive info when I’m back at home tonight. I hope others will rise to the challenge and do the same - or point me to a thread (I promise, I did search first) where this is already happening…

(There is a flash drive compatibility thread, but I can’t fit what I’ve got on a flash drive.)