WD TV Live (1st Gen) + Dolby Digital Plus audio?


I have the 1st generation WDTV Live and tried to play some mkv files which have dolby digital plus audio. Audio output is set to Stereo and up to now no issues with any dolby digital audio (hadn’t tried a DD Plus though !) Unfortunately, I get no audio from the Dolby Digital Plus encodings. Isn’t it supoted by my media player. Any way to reproduce it otherwise ?

(Tried passthrough through HDMI straight to my TV, however I still get no audio, probably because my LG TV is a bit old)


I believe this WD TV does not support Dolby Digital Plus. I could not find any mention of this on the User’s manual.

Yeah, I saw that. So I guess I should buy another media player to playback Dolby Digital Plus ? No firmware update on the WD TV will support that in the future ? Is it a hardware issue ?