MKV FIles - No Sound - Any help appreciated


I own a Gen 1 WD Live Tv and I seem to have trouble with some MKV files as I get the picture but no sound. The funny thing is that it does not happen with all of them.

 Some of these files seem to force for a Digital Audio output but then I get no sound at all. My WD is currently plugged via HDMI to my HD TV but I seem to be missing a trick here. Missing codec, set up??? I am sorry in advance if my question seem silly to some of you :slight_smile:

I also just updated my WD with the latest update from the site.

Thank you


Seems your WD TV Live is set up for Digital Audio Out - This means that if your MKV has AC3 audio, it will only output on the optical cable. If it has MPEG audio it will output through the HDMI cable.

Go to Settings, Audio and turn off Digital Audio Out.

Cheers. I tried that already (changing the output to Stereo) but it stills does not work.

The issue is probably with the audio codec used in those files, or maybe it was improperly muxed. Check what audio codec was used with a program like Media Player Classic (MPC-HC), in properties.

Thanks. I will try that.

Is there anywhere a comprehensive list of supported codec for WD Live?

Also should I find out that the codec in use is not supported, what would be the obvious next step?

Thanks a lot for your help

It does support indeed many codecs, including MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC,  Dolby Digital, DTS, etc… though some of those codecs may have some “flavors” unsupported by the WDTV, like Dolby Digital TrueHD, DTS-HD MA, WMA lossless, possibly multichannel FLACs etc…

If those files have audio encoded with an unsupported codec (or an unsupported variant of one of the above codecs) you’d need to transcode it to something more palatable to the WDTV, obviously. There’s different programs that can do that for you, like Foobar2000.

It seems that the WDTV Live have trouble processing mkv with multichannel aac audio. I don’t get audio for these type of file.

Several solutions exist:

  • demux/remux your files in mp4. It takes 2-3 minutes with a soft like avidemux.

  • reencode the audio part in AC3. Many software allows this.