WD TV - I can't view ANYTHING :(

Hi friends, I’m a total numpty and need help. I recently purchased the WD TV Media Player and as yet I am unable to use it for anything of value. I have set it up properly but when I connect an external drive and select ‘videos,’ i get the following error: “Warning, unable to build and save media library as the WD TV is unable to save data on the connected device. Advanced features such as Sort & Filter will be disabled.” I also receive the same error when i tried to connect my iPhone (so i assumed the device wasn’t compatible with Apple products, but then the same thing happened with a USB). Any help would be amazing as i’m in Australia and can’t call WD support from here. Thanks, Holly

I’m not a Mac person … but reading the User Manual on page 214

Media Library fails if you have Journaling Enabled [see below how to disable it]


Hey Joey, i’m not a Mac person either, just my phone. Thank you, I have no idea what that means but i’ll take a look!