WD Support

I have a problem with WD HD TV 1st generation. Black screen if you will play a movie. On a forum i understand that WD ignore you with support. Therefore, l ignore you, because they did it with me. No problem, i buy a new mediaplayer without the letters WD on it and non of a product from wd i will buy in the future. This is a good advertising. Mouth to mouth if you understand this WD. 

Thank you WD for the support :angry:  :angry: .

The WD Community was created for Users, such as yourself, to help one another, and to share your experiences and ideas with one another. As Moderators, we are here simply to facilitate and oversee the community. If you have a question relating the what’s going on in the community, we will be happy to respond. However, if you are looking for technical support from WD, you will need to contact them directly.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I already did that. No answer.

My problem is very clear, such as the other one they have the same problem. If WD is professional enough to solve this problem, then they made many people happy.

I they found the problem, i will see it on the site of WD HD TV (gen. 1) with an upgrade.