Is this a joke?

I put in a case, and you guys just close it without even bothering to reply?

I have 3 of these WDTV units and i have wasted a RIDICULOUS amount of hours trying to fix it. I finally have enough and ask for some good help, and you just close the ticket???


"Hi, I’m not sure this will go anywhere, but I just want to express how VERY frustrated I am at this little box. Bought 1, and at first, it seemed fantastic. So i bought two more to hook up every TV.

About a month into using them, the constant freezing, restarting, random pausing, dropping my credentials over and over and over on all of them. I tried hard reset, i tried pin reset, i tried rolling back to older firmware(s) - I must have spent a good 20hours on these things re-keying passwords, resetting, googling support forums etc etc etc.

PLEASE provide some support in any way possible, but I really don’t want to get told to ‘get the latest firmware’ or something because i have literally tried everything that I could find online! :frowning: Thanks for your time, Chris."


Even more frustrated,


PS - please don’t now tell me to go and check my junk folder, i’ve been checking everything twice a day waiting for your response, and added you to the ‘safe list’ as your original confirmation suggested…


The WD Community was created for Users -such as yourself- to help one another and to share your experiences and ideas with one another.  As Moderators, we are simply here to facilitate and oversee the Community. If you have a question or issue related to the WD Community itself, us Moderators will be happy to respond and assist you. However, if you are looking for technical support from WD, you will need to contact them directly.

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Hamlet, I think that’s what the OP said he did…  opened a ticket and it was closed with no answers.


I will pass this along to support.