WD support ignoring my requests for replacement HDD

Hi. I have a 4 year old WD Black 2Tb HDD that has failed. The warranty is 5 years. I have provided photographs of the drive and proof of purchase to the support team but I’m not making any progress. I started in November and each request for an update is ignored. Does anyone have a similar experience and do you have any advice how to move the process on? The drive was purchased from Amazon.

If you have not done so already, go to Product Registration then register the failing drive in the area for that purpose. You will be entering a model number, serial number and other pertinent information about the drive, after that create an account on the WDC website, sign into your new account with password and save that for future use.
Keep in mind that the logon for “WDC Support” is separate from the login for this Community Forum.
Once the hard drive has been registered, punch in the numbers and do a warranty check yourself to verify the exact “warranty ending date” on that drive. If it is found to be “under warranty”, start a folder and save screenshots of your warranty findings, dates, computer screen showing what the drive is doing or not doing, etc.
Describe the symptoms you are seeing that lead you to believe the drive is failing or has failed due to defects that will help lead them to make a decision in your favor to issue an RMA for that drive and replace it. Contact Tech Support, which will be available once you log on and register the drive. Include your email address and with each correspondence you should receive a “Case” number that will serve as a reference to your issue and follow it to completion.
You may give some of these suggestions a try and I hope that helps to get things moving along for you.