Not getting replacement

i had sent one 80 GB SATA HDD for replacement on 1st June 2012 & till today (6th August 2012) i have not received the replacement - no one had answer for the same.

Hi well I guess I can ask the basic questions. Did you go to this page and check and see if the drive was in warranty   by clicking warranty check and typeing in the serial number on the drive

after that then did you start the RMA from there also. Did you get a RMA number did you read how to package the drive with the RMA number on the outside with your information also. If you have done all those things and have a RMA number I suggest use this page choose your country and contact WD.


The drive is under warranty - then only we are able to create RMA

the Disk was sent to WD and it has been received also.

i called more then 5 times and they say that there is no stock of the model !!!

so do i have to keep my PC down for 3 months ?

Hi ask them to replace it with a different model of drive.