WD Studio II Red drives

Ive notice that few people placed red drives in that enclosure and reported it working fine but my situation is not the same so I’m not sure whats wrong. If I put old green ones (which are very close to dead) its working fine, but when I put red drives in it starts blinking top and bottom row and middle if off, as much as I managed to figure out it means overheating but it makes no sense whatsoever. When I turn it on it starts swiping up and down pattern and few seconds after it starts blinking. My Mac doesn’t recognise it at all, tried firewire and usb.
Please help

Hello ckay,

WD Green internal hard drives are less power consumable as comparable with the WD Red internal drives, recommended for NAS enclosures. However, WD Studio Edition II are legacy drives now and WD Green are the recommended one.

Thats true but green drives are not available anymore and people reporting red drives working just fine for them so I was wondering if I was doing something wrong since red drives are not working for me but they do for everyone else