WD starts selling QNAP NAS

WD has started selling QNAP NAS… is it the end of WD NAS and OS5?

interesting. I believe there is a partnership between WD and QNAP, where the latter would exclusively load their NAS systems with WD Red HDs, however I didn’t expect that WD will actually sell QNAP hardware on their site!

. . . . this is . . . . not really surprising.

Disappointing. . .but not surprising.

Afterall; when was the last time WD released a new NAS product? We see how their software development is going.

Would they go as far as loading their NAS with QTS instead of My Cloud OS 5?
In the mean time, I would love to benefit from the more up to date versions of open source software in OS 5 as MCH users do.