WD SmartWare looks weird

So I’ve just tried to open my WD My Book but i couldn’t get it to load. It was stuck in discovering mode so i uninstalled WD Smartware and tried to reistall it but I couldn’t find out where to get it. I started looking through my programs and saw it was still in the program folder and I didn’t uninstall it like i thought and when I opened it it looked like this first picture. I have no idea what firmware I’m running or anything becasue the info panel looks weird as well(as seen in picture 2) . I remember updating the firmware about a month or so ago tho. So any help please I’m at a lost as to what to do this is my first external, and honestly I’m just happy all my 100GB of precious music and pictures and docs are still on this thing.


Hello, check you can access the files in the my book by going to the computer/my computer window. If it’s not recognized on that window you can also check on the disk management window.