WD software for my book WDBF please

Hi, had to reload everything after a Win 10 update, and would like to download the appropriate WD Smartware for a 3tb My Book, model number WDBF JK0030HBK. System Manager lists USB device as 1230.

Thanks for your time,


If your in email, click Visit Topic. In the Topic click Downloads at the top. Find your product in the drop down list (most likely one of the plain My Books shown), click Submit. Under Downloads. Smartware is not listed anymore for My Book.

I suggest you Extend the Install WD Discovery for Windows", which I believe includes WD Backup software; just click Download. If WD Backup not included, you can extend that option and download WD Backup. WD Backup has a simpler interface than WD Smartware and has most of the same features, including a very helpful Restore function.

One thing, the first run may take a lot of time and use much of the external drive. It will reduce both with time.


Thanks, Clifford. I really only wanted to access and unlock the My Book drive. It’s already a backup and don’t need to back up the back up, as I have a second backup drive as well. I did download the generic Smartware but it is immeasurably slow opening that I wonder if there is a later WD software that would allow me to unlock the drive. Also, and this is very peculiar, I get a message saying the My Book drive is FAT32 when in fact it is already NTFS. Suggestions there? Thanks again!


Sorry, I’m not that familiar with formats and so forth. There are sources for the Smartware, but I don’t think that is the problem.

I suggest you contact WD Support and enter a case for help.