WD SmartWare issue - what software do you recommend for backup?! please help :S

Hi Everyone

I have a My Passport Essential since 2009. Unfortunately, it came with the WD Sync software on the VCD, which I logically assumed was to sync or backup your data. This worked fine for just over a year, until the program just stopped working (trying to open just gives a “corrupt file” or “windows is closing the program” error message). I tried asking WD and the forum what to do, but I still couldn’t resolve the problem. Then reading in the forums, I found out WD Sync is not meant for backup (why i am still wondering… i just want to have a software that helps me put my data on a hard drive to back it up from my pc).

So yesterday I just decided to zero the drive and start over. Obviously it was a software problem, and after doing a full Diagnostic Test with the WD tool, my drive was said to be in good condition. So I zerod, re-initialized the drive since the PC didn’t recognize it anymore, partitioned and reformatted with NTSF. Now it showed up again; good. I then downloaded WD Smartware and the installation was a bit weird, I double clicked the file and it said initializing, but then never showed something like “successful or finish installation”. I was immediatley prompted to upgrade to 1.4, which I did, rebooted, and then the program was actually on the tab and opened up. Everything looked/seemed ok. However, now I have the problem, which I read a lot in the forum, that the  backup, retrieve, and drive setup tabs are greyed out.

So now my questions are:

  1. do you even recommend this software? It seems like a lot of people dislike it. If you don’t recommend it, what should I use for backup?!

  2. how do I get the backup and retrieve tabs working?! The only thing I found in discussions was to repartition and format your drive. But I have literally just done that.

At this point I am just tempted to go out and buy a new hard drive from another vendor. Any recommendations maybe? Or a software that works?

Thanks a lot.

Hi there, here are a few things to note:

1- If your drive came with WD Sync then you won’t be able to use Smartware as it only works with the drives that come with it.

2- There are people who hate it, who like it or have for other things rather than backups as Smartware has a lot a of options related to the drive management (Like the encryption and sleep timer).

3- The backup and retrieve tabs (As well as the drive settings under settings) only work when Smartware recognizes that you have a compatible drive (A drive that comes with Smartware) and that it is formatted for your operating system (NTFS on Windows and HFS+ on Macs).

4- I use Windows Backup on my Windows 7 computer. But the drive works with ANY non-branded software. You can Google “free backup software” and it will be a matter of choosing the only you like, Microsoft SyncToy seems to work well and it’s free.


Ok, thanks! I’m trying to figure out how to salvage my drive (maybe just use the copy/paste or drag and drop). After reading your message, I was also trying to figure out how to uninstall the smartware because there was no uninstall file (as with my WD sync…). But I just found out that “programs and features” could do it successfully! Yey! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the advice! I’m really starting to get stressed out becuase my computer is overheating, getting the blue screen… it’s time to have this data backed up!