WD SmartWare problems ... can anyone recommend other backup solutions, please?

Some months ago I purchased three 500 GB Passport Essential external drives so I can swap them on alternative days and keep one off-site. 

They appear to have been doing their job quietly backing stuff up in the background however until today I have never actually done a full restoration from any of the drives to be sure all files can be recovered if an HDD crash or stolen PC should occur.

After recently upgrading my PC with a new SSD I re-installed the Win 7 Pro OS.  After installing WD SmartWare (v 1.6.0) and plugging in one of the external drives I no longer see the Passport drive on the right hand side of WD SmartWare. Going back to the old OS system (which I still have on an old SSD for quick restoration of the PC in case the new SSD and OS should pack up) I found no problem seeing the Passport drive on the right hand side of WD SmartWare.  

However then I started to explore whether the files on the drive were in fact updated and found that no, they were months out of date … luckily I have another backup of my work on my laptop also!

Anyway after much fiddling I have given up on the WD product - clearly it has serious problems and is unable to perform the function for which I bought it.

I have spoken to the shop where I bought and they are happy to take all three drives back and give me something else. What should I get instead?  I notice that there is a new Seagate Backup Plus product on the horizon which is similar (multi colours, automated backup, no power pack etc) … has anyone got experience with that and can recommend it? Or any other suggestions please?

Thanks …

You won’t find users that are  enthusiast for other products here

Must of us have and prefer WD drives

If you don’t like the software you can still use the drive with many other backup applications

I do a combination of Windows Backup and Manual Backups