Wd smartware backup

can i use the wd smartware backup to back up my whole laptop

Hi FMJ101, Smartware will make a backup of all of the compatible files (Pictures, Music, Documents, Videos, etc), not including the program or system files on your computer. You can see page 41 of the Smartware manual for more information. 


can i back up Local Disk © 

Yes, but the same applies, Smartware will not backup Windows files or programs that you have installed, you might want to use Windows Backup in that case, check the link below for more information. 


I have windows 8

In that case check this link. 


i  dowloaded programs to my desktop how do i back  them up

You can copy them manually or look for other 3 party backup solutions that work for you. 

can’t he just use the files/folders backup method?