Windows backup

I’m sure this answer is posted somewhere on this board but quick scan did not produce it. Anyway, if I use the WD software and the WD drive for backup (which it seems to do quite nicely) do I need Windows to also run a backup?? Each of these processes essentially save the same “stuff” as far as I can tell. Windows keeps bugging me to back up - Thanks.

If you use two backup programs is optional, Smartware and Windows backup don’t work exactly the same but most of the files will be copied twice if you use both.

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The main difference is that Windows Backup allows you to create a full system backup, but it compress the data and can only be accessed with the application.  SmartWare backups personal files only but do not use compression, files can be accessed manually by browsing the drive content, or with SmartWare.

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 I made a system backup disk when I first purchased pc. I can use that to restore system files and use WD my book for personal file backup. Then I won’t need Windows to back up and consequently won’t have 2 copies of everything. Obviously, the system backup disk will not contain any later programs that I installed, correct?  Also, if I have to do a factory reset, those system files will be there as well. Since I have tons of room on HD I should probably do the windows backup as well. As you can see, I have a bit of confusion about back up. What do you do for this process? Both ?   This back up business is a pain. Thanks very much.