I want o back all the files on my machine. Can the backup software do that?

I want to backup all the files for all users, not just mine. i.e. I want to backup the machine, not just one user.

Is there a way to do that? I am the administrator for the machine.

The WD SmartWare backup software that currently comes with all of our drives does not do a full system backup. The software only backs up the categories that are listed including Music, Pictures, etc. It only backups data files and not system and OS based files. We have a KB that I listed below that lists the files that are backed up.

The software will attempt to backup all of the data that is can fine including data from other user profiles if you have access to them. If it doesn’t backup all of the data, then you may need to login as the user and backup under their profile. You can verify if data is backed up by going to the Retrieve tab in the software and check to see if the data is listed in the retrieve section.

What are the WD SmartWare backup software supported and non-supported file types?