WD ShareSpace password protect one folder

I have the 4TB (mirrored so its 8TB) WD sharespace which is password protected. Once it is logged in users can see everything in all the folders.

How can i add another password to one of the folders inside?

As far as I know the ShareSpace only lets you apply folder permissions at the share level. So if you have have a folder you want to restrict access to, you’ll need to create a separate folder share for it, and don’t give it “public” access. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to create a new user record, and select the option “Create User Private Share” on the new user form. That creates the new user and a new folder share all in one step.

Once that is done, just move those restricted files to the private share of the new user, and then “ordinary” users won’t be able to see them. Only the new user you just created will see them.

You could always sync with DropBox and then share the individual folders from there - I have exactly the same need and it seems to work