Accessing Public folder

I have today installed a WD Sharespace. I bought it to replace the WD World Edition. It is plugged in via an ethernet connection and seems to be working fine. However, the Public folder is asking for users to provide a user name and password even though I have set the folder to Full Access. Do I need to set up user names and password for all the people in my office that will access the WD Sharespace? Sounds like a pain 'cause the WD World Edition is accessible to anyone that’s plugged in. Please help. Thanks, JulianB

I am having the same problem with my 4tb model.  I set up a share, made it public, and when I try to map to it or browse to it, I get prompted for a userid and password.  My Buffalo NAS’s don’t work this way.

I also have the same problem with the 4TB  Drive , i have 3 NAS drives of different makes , this time i thourght i would try the WD Sharespace, but thee Public folder always askes for a user name and password  even though the access rights are set to Public read/write.

Does any have a solution to this ?

I dont believe this spent 4 hours talking to WD, they say it can not be done, who in there right mind would design a productlike a nas drive , without the ability to create a Guest user and a public folder , that still requires a username and password. !!!

Im sending my  nas drives back , and getting a Qnap  :)