WD RMA issue from 20 days

I have sent WD 1 TB SSD 20 days back but no update from WD.

I am following up from the last 4 days but RMA is down. no proper response on chat and call. Please help.

RMA #: 0065328449

I have sent WD disk through DTDC Courier
Tracking number : M25457089

anyone please help on this

Is this where you checked?
RMA Status | WD Support

There may not be any help until WD gets everything back up.

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I have checked on WD portal but not showing RMA details even website is down

Its done more than 1 month but no updat of my hard disk replacement. this is very unexpected.

WD RMA : 65328449


When was the last time you checked? Everything should be back up and working?

Today, I have checked even discuss with WD customer care. They told still RMA is down.

Approx 1 month done but no update of my WD SSD… this is unexpected from WD

I’ve had an RMA HDD return in since late January 2023 and ‘still’ hearing the large scale RMA issue they have can’t even have an estimate of when the replacement drive will get to me.

This will be the last WD drive I ever receive.

Request you to please provide new WD SSD. My laptop os not working because of disk and I can’t wait just because of your RMA is down from 2 months.

This is unexpected from WD. Please suggest How I will work without disk in laptop??

Is it possible?? Also please tell me how you will work without laptop and system if no disk in that…

This is very frustrating for me and very very unprofessional… we using WD from last 10 years in our company but we will have to think on it.

Still, your RMA is down - System Maintenance | WD Support

it’s approx. more than 1 month. Please provide my 1 TB WD SSD.

RMA #: 0065328449

Please check the below mail from the WD team. its very unexpected.

@cat0w @terra3

any update on my WD SSD replacement? I am waiting from long time.

@supportme @Supporttech

I’m in the same situation. I have a fairly pricey enterprise RMA open for two 22 TB Gold drives. It’s been one month now, and WD still cannot even tell me if they received the drives, let alone when I might be sent replacements.

I opened a support ticket to try and get an answer, and this is the response WD gave me (7 days ago):

Please be informed that Western Digital is currently facing an outage due to which you are unable to check the status of your warranty replacement and shipment. We cannot provide you any time line for the outage to be cleared.

Considering WD likely has a backlog of RMAs to work through whenever they get the system back online (presumably it’ll be the last thing they restore), I fully expect it to take at least another month at this rate.

@umeshprajapati3590 I received some good news from WD:

We appreciate your patience and are pleased to share that the system issues impacting your previous registration or warranty replacement request have been addressed and resolved.

Due to the increased volume of RMAs from our system issues, there may be slight delays with processing your RMA once received.

Slight delays? LOL Its been 9 days of waiting for one, and now RMA’s can’t even be created again, 5/20/23 says StatCode320 error

This is lie. Advanced RMA no work.

I try all weekend, STATCODE320 error.
Cannot get to the pay page.

i signed up just to say same thing. tried all weekend to do advanced RMA. and the system is obviously down, statcode320 error

then to make things worse, every time you try and get that error, then trying again says statcode320 RMA in progress… and you got to wait an hour before trying again.

couldn’t get my rma submitted. very disappointing since waited 6 weeks for WD to come back in business, and now their replacement system is still broken.

To provide an update on my own experience, I finally received two replacement drives on May 17th. WD created the label on May 5th, but it took about a week for the drives to get picked up and scanned by UPS.

I opened my RMA on March 26th, so the total turnaround time was 52 days. This was a standard RMA, but for an enterprise product (two 22TB Gold drives).