WD-Remote Android App on Galaxy S2 - With WD-TV Live - App not find the box

WD/TV Live with Anroid WD-Remote on Galaxy S2.

Dear forum users.

I have a problem to connect the WD-Remote App.

The App not search for the WD-TV machine.

Both Phone and WD-TV are situated in the same WIFI-Network.

On the WD-TV and the GS2 is the newest FW.

The old App works fine.

Do someone have a clue how to make the new App look-up for the WD-TV to operate it?


Check this screenshot I took of my Galaxy S2 http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/829/appk.png/

Did you press the button circled to select the applicable device on your network i.e. the WD TV Live? Also note that the app only works for the latest generation of WD TV Lives (and not the old ones).

This is the one I have: http://wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=330

The app works with my Galaxy S2 and the WD TV Live Streaming in the link above. Check the app information/details within the android marketplace for further information about whether your media player will work or not.

I have HTC Desire HD and it has Android firmware 2.3.5.

I have just received my 3rd Generation WD TV Live media player today but I cannot get my phone to search for the device.

Does the official WD TV Remote only work in certain parts of the world?  I’m in the UK

Hi! I had installed WDTV Remote App for Android but it cannot find my WD TV Live Streaming device. Same WiFi home network, same workgroup. WD Link software find it easily. Device have a latest firmware, Android app is latest (running at HTC Sensation Android 4.0.3). Factory reset done - no changes. WDTV Remote installed/ uninstalled twice - no result. Google Play full of similar reviews.




Problem was solved by connecting media player via LAN cable. Other way (through Wi-Fi) no one remote control app have seen the device.