WD Live TV Remote App not working since update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

I own three units, all the same (WD Live TV) and they have been working without a problem so far.

The issue I’m facing now, is that the Android remote app doesn’t work anymore since the update to the new Marshmallow 6.0

The household has four phones, the two that were updated to Android 6 have this problem. The two phones that don’t have that update available yet can still use the remote app without a problem.

This is what they do:

In the list of available units, it doesn’t show anything. Like you don’t have any WD TV’s in the network. If you delete the app and reinstall it then during the first boot it will give you the remote intro and then scan the network for units.

It only discovers two units but it does not recognize the names (One is called Dorm, the other Living Room and the third Girls). The phones with the previous OS don’t have any problems recognizing the three units with their respective names.

The two units that it does discover, are named WD LIVE TV. Both have the same name. It doesn’t matter which one you select, it doesn’t do anything else.

The network works without a problem, the units work, the phones work. I have isolated this to a compatibility problem with the new Android OS.

I even wrote an email to the developer listed at the app’s page (teesh.yalamanchili@wdc.com) but they come back as undeliverable.

Are you planning on updating the app?, or does this mean that it is as good as dead now?.

At the time of this post the application is yet to be updated for Android 6.0. We have notified WD Support about this, so I’d recommend being patient until the update becomes available.

So… it’s been FIVE months since the Marshmallow update rendered the WD Remote App useless.

Is there ANY news at all?, any progress?, any hope?, or do we still need to be patient for another six months?.

WD TV Live Streaming … last update 11th August 2014
WD TV Media Player … last update 16th December 2014
WD TV Remote App … last update 26th November 2014

well, you can see the pattern … no updates for 2 years for WD TV Devices / Software

i wouldn’t hold your breath

And just as revealing, look at when each product was released. At least the WD TV. Released in July 2014, software support ended in December. A scant 6 months of development beyond release (without an upgraded product released).

Clearly the line is dead, in all ways.