New firmware with Remote app

Fortunately the latest firmware update seems to of gone ok for me. Notice that every time it starts now it says ‘connecting to network’ and is a bit slower as a result to initialise.

However the remote app on iphone is now a bit twitchy. Before whenever i started the app the wd live was there ready to use. Now it often disappears and then either re-appears a few seconds later. Or no device will list until I quit the app and go back in. A slight glitch and it doesn’t happen all the time but enough to be annoying. Anyone else got the same or managed a workaround. I might restart the device later to see if that helps at all.

Also, I didn’t realise you could access the WD live streaming device via browser interface. Unfortunately I am not at home to try this but what sorts of things can you see/access/change within the browser UI?



on the android i had simular problems with the app i went to app management and then picked wdtv app and

then clear data button … restarted app and it was fine :slight_smile:

with browser : you can upload a new theme like the ones the guys on here post up

also renew your password and access rss data. and a support page thats really about all …

This is an issue I have had for a long time not just this new firmware. I have 3 devices and I have had to deal with it a few ways.

  1. Disconnect from your wifi network and reconnect to it. Sometimes just doing this will make the devices be “seen”.

  2. Go into the app end the app and then clear the app data and restart it.

Usually one or both of the two above will fix the issue.