WD Remote app for iPhone doesn't work

Hi all, 

I recently aquired a WDTV Live (Gen3) and everything is working smoothly except for the remote app for my iPhone.

They’re on the same network, both devices with connected with no problems, I tried connecting both wireless and ethernet on the WDTV, but there is no way that the Remote app works, the device simply doesn’t show on the app.

Any ideas?

Thanks for helping !

Did you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app? Also be sure to have the latest firmware installed for the WDTV.

As said you can uninstall/reinstall the app, and also confirm you that can access the WD LIve Streaming from other computers in your network.

I have the latest fw and i also tried removing and installing the app again several times.
The WDTV has no connection problems has it plays files from my pc and all the online services run fine.
Still the remote app doesn’t work, the device list shows up empty…

Same here.

I’ve got a WD TV Live Hub with firmware 3.03.13. An iPod Touch and an iPad2 both with iOS 5.1. And a Android 4.0.3 tablet.

On all three devices I can play media from the hub’s hdd. I can control the hub from the remote tab in the browser interface. So no connectivity problems

But neither iDevice ever detected the Live Hub from de WD Remote App. I tried reinstalling the Apps. Restoring factory defaults on the Live Hub. Nothing seems to work.

On the Android Tablet it worked for about 30 seconds, but then connection was lost. Restarting both the tablet and the Hub, reinstalling the App, nothing works.

So add this to your long list of bugs WD! Try fixing old stuff befor adding new buggy stuff.