WD refuses to honor warranty on DOA drive

I bought a brand new My Book 6TB in the US several months ago. But currently I do not reside in the US. Several days ago, I needed additional storage, so I unpacked the box and plugged in the drive. The drive did not show up in My Computer. Disk Management failed to initialize the drive, because it encountered fatal hardware error. I opened the support case with WD, but the WD representative told me that they can’t honor the manufacturer warranty in my country and advised to contact the place where I bought the drive. I think that it’s irrelevant where the drive is currently located since it’s still a WD product and manufacturers should stand behind their products.

I currently have six other WD drives. I thought that WD would stand behind me, but alas. Shame on WD for not supporting its customers.

4 days ago, WD asked me for a proof of purchase. I responded that I would be glad to provide the invoice, but eBay no longer shows the order details after 3 months have passed. I have not heard since then from WD. Well, the product was bought clearly by me and it was brand new. Not everyone keeps the invoices for everything they buy. What can I do?

I sent the screenshots of my eBay purchase history and Paypal payment to the WD customer support. Today they responded that they were “not valid” and they needed “a valid proof of purchase.” They are insisting that “eBay keeps the invoices forever” but this is wrong. For example this page states that “60 days is how long the order details are available period”. https://community.ebay.com/t5/Archive-My-Account/Viewing-Old-Buying-order-details/td-p/26535105 Can anyone help me?

There is no response from WD for 4 days. What can I do? Is there someone at WD who can help me?