Will WD Honor its Warranty for its products?

More than a week ago, I submitted a complaint to WD Customer Service regarding a product – WD Live Book external HD- I bought the HD and am experiencing a problem with it. The distributor refuses to honor the warranty even though the product still under warranty and registered on WD website. His -pathetic- excuse was “Where is the box for the product?”

I keep saying that warranty is for the product, NOT for the box, just fix the drive, if replacement is needed, you can keep the box for the replacement, and just give me the replacement. His reply: WD refuses to fix any product that does not have its box.

I know that this is not true, but then considering where I’m, everything is possible.

I contacted WD customer Service and got a case number. The ONLY reply I got was a computer generated one, where it confirmed and assigned a case number, so far no answer!!

Any suggestions.


You don’t need the original box in order to have the drive replaced. You may contact WD support directly in order to create a RMA and have you drive replaced or you can create the RMA online.

General Phone Support

How to get an RMA, (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty