I will describe the problem from the very beginning. Two years ago I decided to buy a new hard disk. The choice fell on the model WD Red 3 TB (WD30EFRX), as it is designed to work 24/7, and has a guarantee of 3 years (instead of 2). It was supposed to be ordered with computeruniverse, because there it was much cheaper (25-30 percent cheaper). But after thinking again I came to the conclusion, in case of problems, I will permanently stay without a hard disk (the time for the exchange of defective goods on a computeruniverse can reach 3-4 months). Therefore, I bought a store in my city for very a lot of money (by the standards of the country of residence).
The model has shown itself very well… The Western Digital Red 3 TB hard disk has very good performance characteristics, it does not heat very much, it releases a minimum of noise. After 2 years, he began to terribly slow down. I decided to check it with programs. Despite the fact that for 2 years the hard disk only had 4500 hours of working time, a large number of bad sectors were found (in general, it began to sink). Well, okay, I thought… Marriage happens everywhere. The files managed to pull out of it not all.
With the remaining year warranty, I decided to go to the store, where I actually bought this hard drive. But to my surprise, the store has ceased to exist. There was no WD service center in my city. Therefore, I created an exchange application on the official WD website, where I specified that the store where the hard drive was purchased was closed and no longer exists, we do not have an official WD service center. The support has confirmed that in my city (and all over the country) there is really no official distributor and official service center WD. And that I can apply for a guarantee to any distributor from neighboring countries (the list of official distributors hangs directly on the official WD website). Having chosen the closest to me (Russia, Ukraine, Romania), I explained to them the situation that described those support, asked for exchange on the guarantee. Just in case, I decided to write to distributors in Germany. To my surprise, only distributors from Russia responded. The rest did not deign to even answer. A distributor from Russia told me that they deal with customers who bought from distributors in Russia. Since I did not buy from distributors in Russia, they do not want me to exchange hard drives. And on the basis of the fact that I bought a hard drive in another country - they deny me guarantees (although from the very beginning I was advised to contact WD for any distributors from neighboring countries). With all this, that I overpaid for a hard drive in a store in my city (VAT, warranty), I can not use the right to a warranty replacement, although the hard drive is on an official guarantee until mid-summer of 2018.
Buying equipment in my city, I already pay for the warranty, VAT, and transportation costs of the supplier… Perhaps the products of the Red series from WD and not bad, but here’s the attitude to the end user who asked for help on the warranty - just awful. Those support is answered once a week. Twice he submitted his problem to the highest authority of the WD - the answer did not come. Those WD support are asking to contact distributors, distributors are spreading their hands and say that they do not serve customers who bought in other countries). And in my country there is no WD distributor’s office - a vicious circle for the end user. Already a month I try to solve a problem with a hard disk But neither the distributors, nor the company WD want to fulfill the warranty obligations