WD Red Pro only 3 year warranty?

We purchased four WD Red Pro 12TB drives at the end of Sept 2021 from Amazon.ca, all drives shows manufactured in July 2021.

However, when I check the warranty expiry date on the WD website, it shows the warranty ends on Oct 2024, which is only 3 years.

I contacted WD support four times, they insist on asking me to take a picture of the actual drive with the serial number on it. I told them again and again that the drives are in our NAS which is in production, it is not possible to pull each of them out for only taking a picture.

I showed them the screenshot taken from our NAS web interface, which has the serial number of the drives, as well as the stickers on the cardboard packages. They said they will escalate the case to the “concern team” and I should get a reply from them within 2 business days.

It has been more than a week, I have received nothing.

Gosh! This is so frustrating!!!


Hate to be discouraging, but WD Customer Service told me they are not shipping an HDD “until further notice.” They have had my defective WD Red Plus (about 4months old) since mid-August, and have “escalated the case” to some supposed advanced tier of customer support, but generally, all CS does is waste my time, since they either don’t know or won’t say why WD is not shipping RMA drives. I gave up and replaced the remaining WD ■■■■ in my NAS with Seagate drives. I have contacted WD CS about 10 times, variously email, chat and phone call, been told repeatedly “Your drive will be shipped soon” and “Someone will reach out to you within 48 hours”, and of course, neither happens. BTW, WD is not disputing my warranty eligibility. They just cannot or will not send me my replacement. I even sent a letter to their corporate US headquarters, which has likewise been ignored.

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It has been two weeks, still no one from WD responded to my concerns yet.

OK, finally, WD updated the warranty expiry date on four of our newly bought drives from 3 years to 5.

Thank you for bringing these many frustrations to your customers…