WD Quick Formatter and usage for back up disk

I used my WD Passport (500 GB) for additional disk until yesterday. I just bought WD Elements (1 TB) and now I’m going to use the new (Elements) one for additional disk and the old one (Passport) for my back up disk.
I decided that way, because Passport has WD programs like WD SmartWare (among others I think it is a back up program) and Elements don’ have it.

First issue is: “Your WD external drive is in use. Please close all open applications and try again.”

I read this article and few more. The proposed solutions are similar - to format it at the ordinary way (if I undestand it wright): to right click on the folder My passport and than select “format”.
The thing is that I’m afraid of that I’m going to loose all the WD programs, which were on the external disk (Passport), when I bought it - I don’t want to loose it.
I just want to format all the other data, so the disk would be in the same condition like new one.

The next question is how to do back up of documents, pictures etc. from internal and external PC disk.

I am apologizing for my English. Thank you for your help.

Would it be OK, if I just format with right click on the folder My Passport and than select “format”, but before formating disk, I should transfer all WD files (which are all from thepicture) to somerwhere safe, from where I could restore it back to disk later.
But … What’s these first three folders doing there, that’s what I really don’t understand it. Should I delete it or not? Which files should I keep it - which are originally on Passport?

You can safely delete all default folder and installation files since you can download them from WD’s site. In order to copy your backup to your computer, copy the SWSTOR folder to another location. However, and regardless, WD SmartWare will treat your formatted hard drive as new even if you copy back the content, which means WD SmartWare will start the backup over.

I’m not sure, if I understand it right. I don’t understand your second sentence. Mayby i wasn’t clear enough. I don’t need to restore anything for now. Please I’m asking for detailed and progressive descriptions.
If there are really all programs freely accessible on WD site, why I got in my Elements drive folder (WD Smartware Free Trial)?

My issues:

  1. When I was trying to cut (not copy) Passport original programs I get about 30 messages like this (look te picture) of different programs.
  2. I suppose the “problem” is in first 3 folders from the first picture. I couldn’t copy these folders to somewhere safe.
  3. For now I radther didn’t format my Passport disk yet. Mayby I can paste it back everything what I cut it from its original place on Passport.

I just want to:

  1. Succesfully format my Passport drive and keep all of original programs, which are supposed to be on it.
  2. I want to keep those programs, because I want to use them to make one back up of my other disk (Elements) and my PC together.
    Which program do you recommend to make back up copy?