Format My Passport Ultra before installing new backup software

I am not a very technical user. I have a Passport Ultra that is a few years old (a little over 3 years). When I was trying to determine when the last backup was done, backups were being done on a monthly basis, I think. I tried to do a backup immediately and found a file with the name of my computer, but couldn’t open it. I would like to try Backupper 6 freeware. I don’t have that much that needs to be backed up. I was wondering if I should figure out how to format the passport before starting to use new software. I have 280G of 931G free. I don’t think I need anything that is currently on the passport. Any suggestions that would help me understand this better is much appreciated.

Hi @LindaPro,

Please refer below link to Partition and Format a WD Drive on Windows and macOS:

Please refer to the below link for Acronis True Image for Western Digital File Backup and Restore to a WD DAS: