Restore/format to factory settings (Passport) without loosing WD programs

What are these first 3 maps on the picture? I didn’t create them. They were made by some of WD programs, I asume.
I don’t want just to format everything, because I want to retain original programms.

First issue, when I tried to restore/format disk to factory setting, is: “Your WD external drive is in use. Please close all open applications and try again.”
I tried to format with WD QuickFormater.

I read this article and few more. The proposed solutions are similar - to format it at the ordinary way (if I undestand it wright): to right click on the folder My passport and than select “format”.
The thing is that I’m afraid of that I’m going to loose all the WD programs, which were on the external disk (Passport), when I bought it - I don’t want to loose it.
I just want to format all the other data, so the disk would be in the same condition like new one.

I’m asking you for exact instructions. Thank you very much!


Can you please share your drive’s model number?

Of course. I hope, that is the right number - P/N: WDBACY5000ABK-00

Thank you for helping!

You can format the drive and then go to this link: and then go to “downloads” and you will find all the software that came included with your drive.

Thank you very much!