WD Photos File not found. (660)

I’m trying to access my files using my iPhone on my WD World Edition NAS and all was ok until a few weeks ago, when, for no reason at all, in any new folder i create, I end up with one pictures, one blank spacer, resulting in a “nice” criss-cross pattern of picture no picture. This then means when I’m in folder view and it’s cycling through the images for the folder, I get image, error message, image, error message.

Anyone else experienced this as I’d love to know how to solve this??

Since there’s been no replies, maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Can you please verify the MioNet version on your WD Network Drive, as well as which version of WD Photos you have on your ipod/iphone/ipad?

The latest version of MioNet for your drive should be, and for WD Photos it should be 1.0.1. You can see the WD Photos version number when the app is first starting up, before it logs into your MioNet account. The MioNet version on the drive is available on the drive configuration page, under System Status. It will say MioNet and have a number after it.

If you are no longer experiencing the issue, please let us know how you resolved it.

I am also having this problem, having set up the packages for the first time. I have the versions of MioNet and WD Photos that you recommend in the last post. Any ideas?

We are now on version 4.2.27 of MioNet. You may need to restart your My Book World. After initially attaching your drive to MioNet and running the WD Photos app, you will need to wait for the MioCrawler service to finish making the .jpg/.jpeg files in your \Public\Shared Pictures into thumbnails. Depending on how many files you have, it can take a few hours to a week (the case where it took a week was the only one we encountered). There will be files available after a few minutes, however it will not be all of the files.

I have also had this error and the (668) error. Not sure what to do - WD updated to current and iPhone app redownloaded today.

It seems it’s just about waiting and repeating - all working well now…

I’m getting the File not found (660) error message in my WD Photos app and would like to know how to tell if the transcoder is working or not.

#1 Should a file inside the .transcodingdb folder increase in size?

#2 Where are the transcoded images stored if not in the db itself?

#3 And how can I make sure the transcoder is started? Is it tied to the mionet service checkbox in the WD My Book Live web control panel or can I restart it from the ssh command prompt?

All else is working fine on my new MBL .

I have just installed WD My Book World and Mionet and cannot access my photos using the WD photos iphone app.

My NAS firmware versions are 01.01.18 with Mionet

I am running version 1.1.1 of the WD Photo app.

The app is detecting my device but when I try to access my photos I get a message: WD Photos File not found. (660)

How can I get the WD Photos iphone app to work?

My firmware is apparently up to date.

Is my device name incorrect? Do the WD device name and Mionet device name have to be identical?


  You will need to reinstall MioNet on your drive. This will completely wipe out the attachment to MioNet, so unless you have MioNet installed on a PC where you can remove the drive from your MioNet account, you will see two entries for the same WD Network Drive in your MioNet and WD Photos list. The other option is to create a new MioNet account.

Please follow the steps outlined in the following KB article to reinstall MioNet on your drive:

WDC KB 3324

The file in the .transcodingdb has disappeared after a factory reset. Initially I started with a full factory reset but changed that to quick reset.  After this Twonky became inaccessible. Then I did a full factory reset and got back Twonky, but the transcoding database file is still missing. I am still getting the File not found (660) error.

The Photos app was the one I was most eager to try out, so any help would be appreciated.

I just had the same error on a iphone 4g, and resolved it just by rebooting the NAS and the app. After 5 mins, it all came back online. 

The .transcodingdb file in /Public/ will only appear when you try to access the drive from the WD Photos app. It is created whenever you use the app.

After a recent power outage for a few days, I too had this problem. I rebooted the drive, cleared the cache on my iPhone, waited about 10-15 minutes and everything is now working. I love how this set up works, I just wish it wasn’t so glitchy.