File not found error 660 when i try to access wdphotos from my ipan and iphone

I can seem to get wd photos to work on either my ipad or iphone. i can access remotely the 2 tb wd mybook using mionet from all computers and i have local access thru the computers and the drive is acting fine except with ipad and iphone.

when i log into the mionet account thru wd photos, a progressing bar comes up and says “first time setup” then a box comes up that says WD Photos file not found. (660) then all i can press is ok and it goes back to devices page. it’s a loop i can not escape.

this happens whether i am on my home network or remotely. and it is on both devices. they appear to log in to mionet ok, but it’s not finding any files.

all the pictures are in the public area under shared pictures. I set the drive up last night, and i am putting pictures on it now. there are at least 20 thousand pictures on there now. but still none are being found by wd photos, they are however showing up thru the network share, and remotely thru mionet.

any help would be appreciated. i’m stumped since everything except wd photos appears to work fine.

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Hi there, I use WD Photos from my Xperia Android. What MyBook do you have? The World or the Live?

I have the live

wow three weeks has gone by, still getting file not found 660 when i try and access my book live via internet on ipad and iphone. shows up on mionet web site as active…

any ideas anyone?