Wd passport ultra not recognized

Hi i have just purchased a new ultra passsport 2tb external drive due to my old one breaking and i cannot get it to connect to my playstation .i have reformatted in to to fat 32 tried splitting the drive in to 2 to make it smaller ,tried connecting with a y lead to give it more power .the white seems to be on on the drive. but console just wont recognise it.any other ides i could try ?

If the unit is working fine on a computer as intended, then it could be a compatibility/power/driver issue. Was the old unit a USB 3.0 device as well? If not, then try replacing the new unit’s USB 3.0 cable with a Micro USB 2.0 cable in order to force legacy mode.

On the other hand, which system did you use to format your unit as FAT32, and how? Windows will not normally let you format a volume larger than 32GB as FAT32, and exFAT is a completely different file system.

hi thanks for the reply the unit was working fine it was brand new ,ive got it working now with the playstation . aomei partition to format it to fat 32 its what i normally use …however for some reason using the acronis partition wizard wd version has done the trick also making the drive partiton logical …no idea why the old drive was formatted using aomei and partition set to primary .