WD Passport Ultra not in Disk Manager anymore

I just got this Passport Ultra 2 TB externam 3.0 USB Drive3. Installed on Windows 8.1 PC It worked great for 2 days, loaded up with back-up files, then dissapeared from my drive list. It is in Device Manager, also in Devices and Printers, but not in Drive Manager or File Explorer.  I checked it out with DLGDIAG and it checks out good. Why can’t I access it anymore? Why isn’t it in Drive Manager? Help…I’m pulling out all my hair with this thing.

Hello there and welcome to the WD community.

Try to check on another Windows computer to see if you can access the drive or see it on disk management. I would also like to know if by any chance you had setup a password on the unit with WD security.

I didn’t have another windows computer to check with, and I never put a password on the drive. But this morning, I wanted to boot to Safe Mode to see if it would work in that enviroment. My Windows 8.1 crashed when I tried that, so I ended up restoring to a point before the drive quit. The drive came back, and I have all put back up to date again. I also went to program removal in control panel, and chose “repair” on the WD Smartware, WD Quickview and WD Drive Utilities. The repair to the programs restored the non-functioning programs.  My guess was that some driver file became corrupted and I restored it with the restore option when the computer wouldn’t start. So right now, all is well again. Thanks for the reply…