Computer can no longer recononize passport ultra

Hi all, I would appreciate any help with this issue.

I have a 3 TB WD Password Ultra. I twas working fine on my Windows 10 64-bit laptop yesterday. Today, when I plugged my passport in, I can longer find the drive on my computer. My drive is also encrypted with windows bitlocker.

I have tried restarting my computer without the drive plugged in, and have the most up to date windows OS.

The drive does not show up in disk management, only the SSD partitions of my computer can be seen.

I cannot get any other computer to see the drive anymore.

The drive lights up and spins normally, I just can’t get the drive to be recognized by anything. The drive has not been dropped and has been sitting in a protective case overnight.

WD drive utilities cannot even recognize that the drive is on and attached to even fix the issue and the drive cannot be found by TestDisk.

Any help or links to others who have fixed this issue would be appreciated.


This issue has been resolved though WD technical support. For anyone else that reads this in the future:

It seems it was a physical connection issue with the wire, even though the drive spun up it was not making a full connection to the computer. As soon as I picked up the drive to pull the SN off the back and held the drive vertically I was able to reconnect and pull the data off the drive. Weird stuff, but the data is safe.


Thanks for sharing your solution with the community.