WD Passport only showing as CD Rom on Laptop

Hello all,

Am having problems with my WD Passport. Am listing the following observations below:
The WD Passport is password protected.

  • Noise Prompt upon plugging is working, means that it has detected something.
  • On “This PC” upon plugging in, it would take a while before Drive F shows up, but it shows up as “CD Rom”
  • Tried opening, it says “Application not Found”
  • "CD Drive (F:) Properties says that “The device is working properly”
  • Can Eject device
  • Changed USB Cords still same issue
  • Checked in another Laptop, still same issue.

Disk Management

  • Disk Management detects the disk (Named as Disk 1, Unknown) but could not initialize. Said Disk is only showing at the lower half of the Disk Management Panel.
  • A CD ROM F: is also showing.

Device Manager

  • WD is appearing on Disk Drives and DVD/CD-ROM (its VCD)
  • Device Manager shows plugged device (WD My Passport 2626 USB Device). Upon checking Properties, status states the device is working properly.

On chkdsk

  • chkdsk F is not accessible (probably due to the fact device is password enabled)

On diskpart > List Disk

  • is only showing Disk 0 Partition (which is the laptop’s drive)

** On WD Utilities, Back Up, Dashboard, Discovery and Security**

  • WD Utilities recognizes the device but only as "My Passport 0 bytes
  • WD Security doesn’t recognize, states "Attach a supported WD Device
  • WD Backup recognizes the device (“My Passport, no Volume Letter”) but it warns “make sure the device is unlocked”
  • WD Dashboard does not recognize the device.
  • WD Discovery sees the device but does not have any options

What I did.

  • Tried disabling VCD for the WD Passport (searched for DVD/CD-ROM Drives from Device Manager, found and disabled it, F: CD ROM was gone on “This PC” and so did F: CD ROM on Disk Management, but DISK 1 (Unknown) Not initialized is still present.

I hope I can still retrieve my files :frowning: and hoping someone can help me. >m<

Thank you!

Hi @yonsei11,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: