WD Passport is not showing the files it contains

Can anyone help?
I bought a WD 4TB passport external drive

I had an issue with a pc I think caused by a power cut. The machine just kept booting round and round into blue screen. I tried every conceivable option and eventually had to reinstall windows. Before doing that, the option was there in the emergency blue screen to back up the entire pc and restore it later so I took that option with the WD passport plugged in. It recognised it and backed up to it taking all night. Obviously i could not install the backup software before i did it as it was blue screening.

Now I am unable to see the files. I have installed the Discovery software but when i click on the WD drive it just shows shows the software for windows and for mac. (see files) but when i look at the properties in explorer it shows almost 1TB used (which is correct) but if I try to restore the files with either WD backup software or Windows Backup software it obviously does not see any restore point as it was done manually from a blue screen and since then a new copy of windows is installed.

The files are definitely there so how can I get them?

Apreciate any assistance.

Forget the WD software.

Try plugging the drive into a USB port, like a standard external drive, and access using file explorer.

Wait. . . .are you saying that you DID THAT and only see those two files? Hmmm. . . .seems like a major formatting problem.

Try accessing the drive using WiFi. What happens if you do that?

If that doesn’t work. . .you may have a real issue. You can try disk recovery software. . .but that might not work.

The next step after that would be to shuck the drive and try to plug it into the PC directly. . . .but I suspect (don’t know) that this drive is formatted EXT4 (Linux); so you will need software to read the disc directly.

Pretty sure the OP is posting in the incorrect forum … he states he has a WD 4TB Passport External Drive and says nothing about a WD My Passport Wireless which is this Forums Catagory

You can’t “shuck” My Passports or any WD USB Portable drives to do anything else … they don’t have a standard SATA connector. It’s a USB connector on the board only.


There are mainly 4 causes that occurs this issue:

  1. The files are hidden.
  2. There is file system error.
  3. Due to Virus attack.
  4. Memory is damaged.

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Hope it helps!