WD Passport - IOS to WIn10

I used my WD Passport on a Mac and can still read & access the data on the Mac. However, I have now migrated to a Windows 10 laptop and my drive is not visible. Would like to know what I can do to perhaps reformat my drive so that it can be read by Windows.
Thank you.

If you don’t care about the data that’s still on there, yes, you can just reformat the drive to NTFS (if you don’t care about Mac access anymore) or exFAT (which is compatible with both Windows and Mac).

If you do care, than you will need to find a place to store your files before you reformat the drive, then move the files back.

Thanks for the feedback Tony. Please forgive the ignorance but please advise how I go about reformatting the drive whilst connected to the MAC.

no worries, I managed to Google the procedure. Thanks again for your assistance.