Reformatting Drives from Windows to Mac

I have 2 Passport backup drives for PC’s (My Passport ULTRA WDBZFP0010BTT & My Passport Essential WDBAAA3200ABK). Can I reformat one or both to ExFat file format to be able use on both platforms?

Hi Noorush,

You can reformat both the drives to ExFat file format in order to make the drive completely accessible on both operating systems.

Link for reformat the drive into ExFat is given below:

Note: Never attempt to connect any external drive to multiple computers at the same time. This could quickly damage the drive’s partition and corrupt the data on the drive. Please make sure to backup the data that is already in the drive as formatting a hard drive is a Data Destructive and connot be undone . Once the process begins, ALL THE DATA ON THE DRIVE WILL BE LOST.

For more information, You can contact WD’s Technical Support from the links given below.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.