WD OS 5 Webfile Viewer replacement

I used to use the Webfile Viewer to view the status of writes to the drive when doing backups. Now I have no tool to use to see when individual shares are being updated so I know when it is safe to manage my NAS. As the admin of my NAS, is there another tool available to view individual shares (write / read times)?


I subscribe to the question. Webfile Viewer required!


I subscribe to the question. Webfile Viewer required!
Only with this app it is possible to edit locked files - ftp/ftps cannot do this. Does anyone have an app for OS5 EX4100/PR4100? They are looking for an alternative to “Web File Viewer”.

Noob question: What exactly is the web file viewer in OS3?

Is this something different than logging into WD OS3 we3b server?
Is this a downloadable app?
(I ask because I normally access via Windows file explorer)

It is a way to view files stored on the NAS, using the admin login through the web GUI. I used it in an office environment where multiple users had their own password protected shares, and used those shares for Apple TimeMachine backups. I would view status changes of the shares, not the files themselves, to know when it would be a good time to work on the NAS. Viewing the files through the normal OS file explorer wouldn’t work because I individually password protected the shares that way, only the users could access their own share. I had to change my backup strategy for my office because I now have no way of knowing when the shares (TimeMachine backups) were taking place and I didn’t want to corrupt any backups.

Oh and sorry, you asked if it was a downloadable app. It was built into the OS3 version of My Cloud on the apps page, but they dropped it in OS5

ah… . .I see. Thanks. . . . I always got lost on the apps page… . . .never bothered to learn about much more than PLEX